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Linear-Actions Cutting Project

Started in '99, this is my life work. Expressing cutting as its own language, primarily applied to paper, it brings forth a new perspective.


A Piece of Flat Globe

Since the 2008 exhibition, the artwork involves hand-cutting 800 to 1000 sheets of paper, layering them to form cube-shaped three-dimensional structures that alternate between negative and positive spaces.


Flat Globe

It's a series that has been ongoing since the 2006 solo exhibition, forming a physical and emotional geography through the accumulation of 100 to several thousand sheets of paper with introspection.


Lands of Emptiness

It's a large-scale version of the Flat Globe series, continuing since the solo exhibition in 2003. The artwork takes shape on a large scale, primarily in negative forms.

2003年の個展「無の大地」以来続く、「Flat Globe」の大型版としてのシリーズです。作品は主に、ネガティブな形で形成されます。

Book Cuttings

I am expressing a new concept by cutting the pre-existing patterns and information in books so as to alter them.


キル-Artist Books

'キル' pronounced Kiru means 'Cut' in Japanese. By cutting artist's catalogs, or books, as a ' filter ' myself, I try to understand their concepts, find points of intersection or conflict and then collaborate with them. I am considering "what is art?" from the artists.

アーティストのカタログ本を切ることにより、 自分自身を’フィルター’として、彼らのコンセプトを理解し交差又は衝突しうる点を探り作品化させていきます。「アートとは何か」ということをアーティスト達から考察します。

(Un)filtered Reflections

Site specific installation, collaborated with 13 - 15 year-old students in Singapore and Japan. Following individual requests, altered school textbooks to express their thoughts and sensibility.

シンガポールと日本の中学生達との協働をもとに制作したインスタレーション作品。一人一人のリクエストに沿い教科書を変形させ、 彼らの思いや感性を教科書で表現しています。


The act of cutting or drawing, as a linear action, transcends the material, exploring points of connection with the external environment.


Video Works

These installations project a continuous sequence of images through slideshows onto layered screens, embodying the passage of time moment by moment within the installations.


Flat File Globe

This is a collaboration with metal cabinets. The cabinets are a metaphor for the human body as emptiness. Also, this work visualizes the intersection of the stream of vertical time with the present.


Parallel World

Combining organic and geometric shapes, densely layered and hand-cut, this body of work strives to achieve a true balance as abstract art.


Early Works

There are early works from 1992〜1999.


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