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Aritist Statement, 2024

(Un) Filtered Reflections, 2017-2018 (PDF)

キル−Artist Books Project,2009-2011

Inner Water,2012


Eric Bryent, “Noriko Ambe at Castelli”
ArtNews, Janurary. 2014

Stefanie Zobel, “In Search of Balance, The Paper Landscapes of Japanese American Artist, Noriko Ambe"
Nicolai Review
April - June edition, 2012

Ariel Evans, “Noriko Ambe at Lora Reynolds Gallery”
ART LIES, Review
Spring edition, 2010

Shinya Watanabe, “From Micro to Macro, Past to the Future, Beyond The Scals of Time, The Journey of Ambe”
Volcano Lovers Exhibition, catalogue

Jonathan Goodman, “Flat Globe”
Sculpture, Reviews
November edition, 2006

Jessica Rosin, "Linear-Actions Cutting Project '02: Lands of Emptiness. Pierogi. Brooklyn, NY."
Reviews, Art on Paper website
February 2003


Interviewed by Ka-Man Tse,
"Resident artists, LMCC, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Work Space Session B 2004-2005"
LMCC , Lower Manhattan Cultural Council website , April, 2005

interviewed by Merrily Kerr
"New Paper Sculpture", Art on Paper magazine
March-April eddition, 2005

Interviewed by Someone's Garden
"Participated Art Omi International Artist Residency Program"
A book of "Artists in Residencies Around the World", 2009

Catherine Craft, "An Interview with Noriko Ambe"
Nasher Sculpture Center Magazine, Fall edition, 2017

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